Der Anglerfisch

A hat inspired by the deepwater frogfish.

Right hand sind view of the Anglerfish hat

Steampunk builds stories on what the world might look like if electriciy didn’t overtake the purely mechanical machines of the industial revolution. It usually uses to old, easy to machine materials like brass and bakelite. Most inventions are wearable and provide some handy usage for the wearer. This hat plays with this idea by using the same key features, but depicting the very ealy stages of electricity. The wearer of this hat benefits from always having a hands-free light, so he could work at night without the hassle of carrying around candles. It is also handy for reading a book at night at a festival.

Adapter for lampholder

Lamp and switch are fully functional. The lamp is build by gutting a standard houseold lamp and fitting low voltage filament LEDs to the glass stem of yet another lamp. The bakelite switch is magnetically coupled to the inside of the hat where a microswitch (for standby) and a potentiometer control a DC/DC converter. The light is fully dimable from zero to about 4-5W. One set of batteries lasts for a few hours at full brightness or several weeks if used after sunset and you don’t actively try to burn out everyones retina.

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