Monat: Januar 2020

VideoHat: It takes shape

Video display for the Video Hat

Finally got the panels somewhat round. Also got rid of the FPGA dev board and designed my own. The power supply solution has been revised. While the electrical interface specification of HDMI is close enough to LVDS so that the IOBUFs of the FPGA can directly interface to it, there is no propper on-chip termination […]

VideoHat: More LEDs

First success on the bigger panels

Got the bigger panels to work. Unfortunately they are much stiffer than anticipated. Expected capton foil, got 0.5mm fiberglass (FR4). Well, we’ll need more force then. Also the HDMI sink now works. I’m genuinely surprised how easy HDMI is. Made my own EDID, the FPGA registers as an ordinary HDMI screen and is driven by […]