Microphone phantom adapter in action

PC headset to XLR phantom voltage adapter

This adapter makes it possible to connect a standard PC headset or microphone to a professional audio interface with XLR connectors and 48V phantom power. In my case the noise floor of the microphone was improved by about 30dB over the standard microphone inputs of my laptop and PC. Microphones intended for use in conjunction […]

Octoprint status display for 3D printers

Octoprint status display

All status information of your running print job in one place and easily readable even from a distance. The inbuilt display of my 3D FDM printer lacks the ability to show any print information when I directly print through Octoprint. Existing status displays for Octoprint were too small for my taste (and old eyes) and […]

Filament sensor and guide installed

Filament Sensor and Guide

The filament runout sensor that was supplied with my FDM printer had problems with certain filament types. I built a combined filament sensor and filament guide. […]

Mood Light running a rainbow animation

Mood Light

This is a simple mood light I built out of a mood and in just one day. It consists of a flexible coolant hose which has a WS2812B string + a pure white LED string in it. The base is black acrylic glass and glue. The animations are run on a Arduino Nano via FastLED […]