Creepy Eyes

This project was built in a hurry just two weeks before the festival, because the „Anglerfisch“ couldn’t go alone. Now, every good Steampunker needs googles. But I personally dislike the idea of glueing random gears to things, because the only purpose of a gear is to turn. If it can’t move, you robbed its soul. So it needed to be something that moves… Welcome the Creepy Goggles!

There was no time for ordernig specialized parts or to lean 3D M-CAD. So everything is built on the go with limited parts and very limited tools. Some wire, a pair of pliers, a set of sidecutters, a drill and a soldering station. Thats it. The bearrings are just coiled up wire for one hinge and a PCB with a broken sewing needle stuck through it for the other. It works flawlessly ever since. The brain of the operation is a PIC microcontroller.

Servo and linkage construction
Inside view of the Creepy Eyes

The googles are fully self-contained. You can wear them on your head or on a hat. There once was a prototype of an additional module wich used computer vision to detect and follow heads of people in the field of view. But with the discussion about data collection and privacy in full swing at that time, a constantly active camera hidden in a hat seemed a bit too controversial.

Inside view of the Creeps Eyes
Creepy Eyes in action

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